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Paula Horton

  •    I started painting in 2005 after my mom had passed away. As part of the grieving process, I felt I had to do “something”.
  •   When I saw a newspaper ad for a painting class (Donna Dewberry One Stroke) I signed up. Our wonderful art teacher Karen taught us how to deconstruct a flower to paint it – the process clicked and I started to love painting flowers. As a gardener, these two activities went hand in hand.
  •    Once I finished the class I started painting bookmarks by the dozens and a friend suggested I start selling them. Then came the slates which came from our church (the slate roof was being replaced). The following year in 2006 I started participating in craft fairs and this gave me the confidence to experiment with more craft painting to include wine glasses and bottles, all types of glassware and vases, clay garden pots and furniture.
  •    Finally in 2014 I wanted to expand my creativity and took some art classes at Michael’s – again, a wonderful teacher Andrew taught me the basics of canvas work. He showed me how to layout a still life in a grid to get the proportions correct. These were my beginning paintings and although some are quite bad, I learned something from each painting I completed. I realized that they didn’t have to be perfect, but I had to like the painting for one reason or another.
  •    Once moving to Maine in 2015 I took some art classes with another wonderful teacher Katie who taught me so much more about color values, mixing colors, still lifes, shadow and light, composition, and scale. I truly appreciated her patience with me. So my quest to continue to create has brought me to this point and I scour the internet and YouTube for ideas from other artists and experiment with sketching, watercolors, oil, pastels and acrylics.
  •     I have learned that I am a visual person - I understand things that I can visualize and am inspired by images I see all around me. Whether it be online (mostly generous artists who post their work on Pinterest and Facebook), from a book cover, paintings from other artists, or a building, I paint what I love - right now it's landscapes and buildings and water.
  •    I’m still finding my own style (I love a pink sky) the more I paint the more I will discover it.